William Loyd is fast becoming this century’s most socially inspiring artist! With auction records and celebrity collectors, Loyd has sold over 800 pieces since 2012.  

William Loyd grew up with a philanthropic art loving family that not only initiated the potato brokering business in America, but also were founding members of the Museum of Fine Arts of North Dakota. Loyd’s family grown love of earth, led him to a career in oil, furthering his visions of the liquid movement that makes earth and inspires his art.

While creating his own medium with organic elements like natural gold, silver, pearl and diamond, Loyd creates art that will allow you to escape to unimaginable places. Be it the depths of a fiery volcano, swimming the deep blue sea, flying through the sky, or exploring the mystery of space, William’s original art pieces are unique and ever lasting.

As a father, husband, and human rights activist, he has been featured for his art and activism in newspapers and television shows nationally, even filming a digital docu-series featuring his family, gallery, and his trailblazing art.

Artist William Loyd’s personality and work is fluid and alive with the ability to revitalize a space using hand mixed marine grade epoxy products containing geological elements that can be stunning wall art, original table tops, furniture, counters or even flooring indoor and outdoor installations.

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